Since the four-step roadmap out of lockdown was announced by the government in February, the hospitality sector has been prepping, planning and reopening its doors as it gets back up and running again. As a business that’s had to tackle three lockdowns, change its business strategy, and face countless challenges just to survive, there will be many things on your to-do list, but what you shouldn’t put on the back burner are your fire and electrical safety measures. 

To comply with the Fire Safety Order (2005), you have a legal responsibility to review and update your fire and electrical safety measures if your business has had a period of inactivity or reduction in staff.

So, to help you protect your people and guests from fire, prevent damage to your business and make sure you’re carrying out your legal responsibilities, our professionals have created this checklist so you can be confident you’re premises is safe and compliant.

Your Fire & Electrical Safety Testing Checklist

Fire Risk Assessment

  • Is your Fire Risk Assessment up to date?
  • Is all your fire safety documentation up to date?
  • Have you factored in COVID-secure measures in your Fire Risk Assessment – like social distancing for example?
  • Is your appointed fire warden still with the business, working from home or are they on furlough?
  • Do you need to appoint a new fire warden?
  • Have you done the necessary checks on your new fire warden to make sure they can carry out their role effectively before you reopen?
  • Have all employees been familiarised with the latest Fire Risk Assessment?
  • Do you need to update your evacuation procedures?
  • Are all escape routes still easy to access in the event of a fire?


Emergency Light Testing 

  • Will your emergency lighting system work when you need it to?
  • Have you tested it, i.e. via a visual inspection and a flick test, to make sure it works properly before you reopen?
  • Have you recently carried out a visual inspection to detect any damage or faults?
  • Have you logged any issues or faults?
  • If so, will they be actioned before you reopen?
  • Are you due your annual Emergency Light Testing to comply with the British Standards?


Fire Extinguishers

  • Are your fire extinguishers still located in the correct place?
  • Are they still fitted properly?
  • Are they the correct type?
  • Are the anti-tamper seals in place?
  • Do they hold charge?
  • Do they need replacing?
  • Have their maintenance dates expired?
  • Have you booked in a Fire Extinguisher Servicing before you reopen?


Fire Alarms

  • Have you checked if your fire alarm has been disconnected over the lockdown? If so, have you tested your fire detector systems to see if they’re fault free and functioning correctly?
  • Has your Fire Alarm Maintenance or Smoke Alarm Maintenance been carried out to comply with the relevant British Standard?
  • Will you carry out an inspection before you reopen your doors?


PAT Testing

  • Is your electrical equipment up to date with its PAT Testing?
  • If you’re using electrical equipment outside your café, restaurant or in your beer garden, is it Residual Current Devices (RCD) protected in case of harsh weather?
  • Do you plan on carrying out a visual inspection on your electrical equipment to check for wear and tear before you open?


Fixed Wire Testing

  • Is your Electrical Condition Inspection Report (EICR) still in date?
  • If your EICR has expired, have you checked your insurance is still valid?



  • Are all your employees up to date with their fire and electrical safety training?
  • Are all your fire and electrical safety documents up to date?

How we can help

Don’t let these checks stress you. Our Sister Company, Citation Fire & Electrical offer a BAFE accredited service to help make sure your fire and electrical safety measures are up to date and comply with legislation. Not to mention their FIA trained and NAPIT qualified engineers can visit your premises at a time convenient for you, and perform all the checks and servicing, so you don’t have to.

The expert team can conduct a full assessment of your fire and electrical safety measures, identify any defects, and provide you with an in-depth report so you can rectify any issues and feel confident of your businesses safety.

To get in touch with the team, just call them 0345 241 5250 or email





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