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Pubs, Clubs & Bars

With pubs, clubs and bars increasingly offering a wider range of food options to their customers, the need for high standards of food hygiene has never been greater. This is in addition to health & safety concerns such as security, noise, licensing, drug and violence control.

We work with numerous operators, ranging from single site to groups, who value the experience and support we provide.

Why pubs, clubs and bars​ use our services:

  • Skilled at raising and maintaining safety standards
  • Food Alert 360 - complete safety compliance solution
  • Safety compliance management online - ALERT65
  • Wide range of eLearning and classroom training courses
  • Consistent high quality auditing
  • Experienced working with pubs, clubs and bars
  • Excellent account management

  To find out how we can build a tailored safety solution to fit your business: