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How often do you eat out? If you are a restaurant regular, you will easily notice that menus are constantly changing. It might be difficult to have a clear idea of the different trends as you cannot go to every British restaurant. Luckily, Menurama helps us understand what is currently happening in the catering industry.


The Food Standards Agency have revised their guidance on E.coli O157 control of cross-contamination. The guidance has been updated to take into account the results from independent research into the effectiveness of disinfecting complex equipment, and the views of industry and local authority stakeholders


Every caterer will know by now that food allergens have been hot topic for the past few months. What are these allergens, why is everyone talking about them?


One of the main highlights of early July has indeed been the Tour de France (TDF2014). Launched in England, despite a lot of people being unclear as to why it was not France, the spectacular event attracted up to 5 million spectators.


It is quite sad to be separated from something, isn’t it? However, sometimes, it happens for good reasons. About 250 years ago, the United States became independent from the so-called Kingdom of Great Britain. But that is enough history for today. It is time to celebrate the American National Day


The Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2014 (#SFFF2014 on Twitter) will take place from 8th September until 10th September in Olympia Grand Hall. Take the opportunity to discover new food artisans, local producers and even more!


On the evening of June 18th 2014 Regent's Park transformed into a foodie wonderland. Taste of London is the biggest food and drink festival in the capital with over 40 restaurants and chefs taking part to give you a taste of summer eating, drinking and entertainment. 


The use of discount vouchers in restaurants has halved since their popularity peak two years ago, research claims. This is due to a combination of restaurants selling too many items at a loss and consumers losing interest due to an overload of choice.


We are privileged to work with some of the UK’s leading restaurants and hotels, recognised for being outstanding in a number of areas and often being awarded for their exceptional standards. The World Travel Awards serves to ‘acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the global travel and tourism industry.’ This year we have seen a number of our clients nominated for this prestigious award which will honour its winners with a hallmark of quality.


The American event which came to London last year is returning in September. The festival was a huge hit with foodies wanting to catch a glimpse of big-name chefs cooking delicious meaty dishes. This year it looks to be bigger and better with an impressive line-up of guests, 4 bars and a different theme for each day


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