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Since October 2012, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have been operating under The Health and Safety (Fees) Regulations 2012 which state that if the HSE carry out an inspection of your premises and they find you “are in material breach of the law” you will be required to pay a fee. 


Back in April we blogged about University College London’s report on getting your 7-10 fruit and vegetables a day. Since then, a considerable amount of publicity has developed surrounding the increasing popularity of juice bars.


Following the recent opening of London’s first ‘cat café’ in Shoreditch, where city-dwellers missing contact with their furry friends can enjoy a coffee and a cake whilst stroking one of the resident cats, the question of whether or not it is safe and legal for food businesses to permit domestic animals in their premises is raised.


Five Guys first opened in 1986 in Virginia where Jerry and Janie Murrell began their fast food venture together with their four sons. The family run joint that served hand-made burgers and freshly cut fries in peanut oil quickly became a hit. The locals raved about the tasty new concept that perfectly mixed fast-food and freshness.


The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) have been delivering the FoodSave project for over five months now and are now currently supporting almost 20 London businesses to reduce their food waste, boost profit and lessen their environmental impact.

Hotelympia is the UK’s biggest and brightest foodservice and hospitality event. This year is all about reinvention. The revitalised event will unite the very best of food and drink, catering equipment, décor and design, tabletop and technology plus Salon Cultinaire under one roof.


While the hospitality industry continues to thrive, technology is proving to be an increasingly important component for hotels and restaurants to gain competitive advantage. Consumers are becoming ever more susceptible to technology and as a result, competing businesses must stay one step ahead.


Shellfish include seafood such as prawns, and live molluscs such as mussels, oysters, cockles, whelks, scallops and clams. Risks to food safety include chemicals, toxins, viruses and pathogenic bacteria.


Ideal Business Accommodation & London’s First Super Yacht Hotel


There’s been ample headlines lately disputing the amount of fruit and vegetables we should consume every day. The BBC recently reported a recommendation of 7 portions a day, however research has shown that the more consumed the better!


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