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Recent figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that during 2011/12, there were 173 fatalities at work, a further 111,000 injuries reportable under RIDDOR, 212,000 over-3-day absence and 27 million working days lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury. The main causes of accidents in the hospitality industry are slips, trips and falls.


Eating out is not only about the way food tastes, but a wider experience bringing together one’s different senses. Due to the development in the food industry, restaurateurs are paying more attention to the overall experience clients have when dining out.  Because of this there are new ways to enhance our smell, feel, taste, sight and hearing senses.


As you will be aware, there have been some incidents whereby traces of horsemeat have been found in processed meat products. On 8th February 2013, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) issued a statement advising that given this issue is either a result of gross negligence or deliberate contamination of the food chain, it is being taken very seriously and as result, the police are now involved.


We at Food Alert share a passion for food in many ways. Food hygiene and safety is our priority, but we also appreciate a good meal!

One of the places that is a ‘must’ for a foodie, is Borough Market. It’s located near London Bridge underground station and is open from Thursday to Saturday every week.

There has been increased media attention and enforcement activity recently regarding the under cooking of minced beef products, steak tartare, carpaccio and livers, particularly in the City of Westminster. The main risk from the beef products is E. coli and from the livers, Campylobacter.
The importance of the control of cross-contamination


Guidance has been issued by the European Food Safety Agency and the NHS stating that cattle liver should be fully cooked. However, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have not issued any direction to caterers. The presence of Campylobacter in chicken livers is well documented and the FSA has issued clear guidance on cooking times and


It has come to our attention that enforcement activity relating to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) guidance on the control of E.coli cross-contamination has increased.

Please ensure that you are following the guidance and are controlling the risks adequately, particularly in terms of having separate, designated vacuum-packing machines and 

Food Alert - RIDDOR Tests

Regulations (RIDDOR) have been in place since 1995, there is often confusion as to whether an accident or incident is reportable under the legislation or not. A number of enquires have been dealt with through the Food Alert and hands partnership Advice Lines in relation to accidents involving customers or guests.

Food Alert Food Hygiene videos

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published 10 short videos to help caterers produce food safely. Each video is about a minute long.

These training resources are ideal for use during introduction training and as refresher training where required. They covers specific food hygiene practices.

Food Alert CIEH Premium Registered Centre


Food Alert has recently been awarded Premium Centre status by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH). In addition to strengthening our existing relationship with the CIEH, it means that we receive exam results for the core qualifications within seven days and pass this information onto the course delegates much sooner.