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Norovirus, the most common cause of infectious gastroenteritis (diarrhoea and vomiting) in England and Wales, is very contagious and can be transmitted by contact with an infected person, by consuming contaminated food (oysters being the most common) or by contact with contaminated surfaces or objects.


You may be aware of some recent articles in the newspapers regarding the presence of hepatitis E in pork and the risk of infection due to consumption of under-cooked pork products. There is data showing that there has been a 40% increase in the number of hepatitis E cases in 2012.


Food Alert are privileged to be working with many of the top restaurants and hotels in London. Today, we celebrate our clients’ success as they are awarded with Michelin stars.


As you may be aware there is considered to be a significant risk of food poisoning from consuming under-cooked burgers which have not been prepared in a way that makes them as safe as practicably possible. This is a hot topic amongst enforcement authorities and there is clear evidence that enforcement action is being taken and/or food hygiene ratings are being reduced if adequate controls are not in place.


Consumers are becoming ever more intelligent with comparing and analysing the market, making it imperative for your business to offer premium service to gain competitive advantage. Notably, more managers in the industry are also recognizing this need for premium service and 88% believe that customer service will continue to grow in importance over the next 5 years.


Did you know...?
• The average household wastes around £50 a month on food!
• The UK throws away 7.2 tonnes of food and drink from our homes each year!


A number of our clients have been shortlisted for the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2013; including Tramshed, Cabana and Ibérica for innovation in interior and architectural design.


The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued a reminder about the preparation and eating of fresh herbs following a food poisoning outbreak in a Newcastle spice festival affecting 400 people. The outbreak was linked to uncooked curry leaves which were contaminated with several different bacteria including Salmonella.


There has been a recent case of a Loch Fyne restaurant being fined £15,000 after a window cleaner was balancing dangerously on a third floor ledge of one of its buildings without the use of ladders or safety equipment.


Deep fat fryers are the most common cause of serious claims as they present a number of safety risks—potential fires, slips and serious burns.


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