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Mental Health in Hospitality

While some stress is good and can encourage people to high achievements, unmanageable, long-term pressure can seriously dent your mental health.

The rise of American hospitality brands within the UK

From bar/restaurant concepts like Dirty Bones to UK burger poster boys such as Honest Burger and MEATliquor to newer operators like Bleeker and fried chicken specialists Butchies, so many of the UK’s fastest growing concepts owe their inspiration to the USA.

But as well as the multitude of UK operators who have tapped into the Americana trend, in the past few years an increasing number of long-established operators from across the pond have launched or are planning to open sites in the UK.

Women Operators Food Alert Blog

Following on from our blog on female chefs leading the way on a greater equality in kitchens, we look at the women operators who are flying the flag for better equality in hospitality companies’ leadership teams.

Venus Rising Blog Food Alert

On the 1 December (2019) it will be 100 years since Nancy Astor became the first woman MP to sit in the House of Commons - among key achievements that paved the way for greater equality for women. However, despite the huge advancements in gender equality that have been made in the UK in the past century, in 2019 we still live in a society where a law was only passed in March allowing mothers’ details to be included on marriage certificates and where, according to gender pay gap data for 2018, no employment sector paid women better on average than men.

Brexit blog thumbnail

Lettuce droughts and menu substitutions will characterise Brexit for many in the hospitality sector, but what can operators do to mitigate the issues they may face?

Food Allergen thumbnail

Our Food Allergens Briefing brought together industry experts from Anaphylaxis Campaign, Keogh LLP and UKHospitality to present their thoughts on food allergens management within the food service industry.

Salmonella thumbnail

The recent alarming discovery of more than 300 cases of Salmonella Typhimurium linked to lamb products in the UK, could be seen as a further blow to the Food Standards Agency. Find out what our guest blogger, Will Hatchett, Food Journalist, thinks could be the potential ramifications.

Calorie thumbnail

The outcome of the Government's consultation on calorie labelling for food and drink served outside of the home - could have a big impact on the hospitality industry. Find out what this could mean and how you can have your say in shaping future legislation.

Award blog thumbnail

We are delighted to announce that Food Alert has won two prestigious awards at the Kensington & Chelsea Business Awards 2018. We fought off tough competition to win not only ‘Best SME 2018’ but the top award of ‘Business of the Year 2018’.

Allergen blog thumbnail

All too often we read articles relating to severe food allergen reactions and deaths. With cases of food allergies on the up, 1 in 4 sufferers reporting an adverse reaction when eating out, how safe is your business?


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