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Did you know that the antibiotic resistance is a major threat to public health? Antibiotic Research UK estimates that there are 400,000 cases of reported antibiotic resistant infections, with nearly 5,000 deaths per year in the UK. 

GDPR Article

The way in which personal data is stored and processed is changing and, if you do not comply with new legislation due to be launched in 2018, there could be serious consequences for your business.

World Mental Health Day takes place on 10th October and the theme for 2017 is mental health in the workplace. 

The world of health and safety training is transforming as new technology is creating a kaleidoscope of opportunities to enhance the training experience.

Whilst it's important to ensure your employees' health and safety is a top priority, it is also necessary to consider if they are taking care of their own safety themselves.

Protecting customers, the public and employees from legionnaire’s disease is an incredibly important responsibility for any establishment. 

How often do you change the sponge in your kitchen? Well, it might not be as often as you should. 

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The body that represents councils in England, The Local Government Association (LGA), is pressing for England to follow Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in making it compulsory for food businesses to display their Food Hygiene Rating (FHR).

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In 2016, we supported one of our clients through the process of handling one of the UK's largest ever outbreaks of illness, both customers and staff. This could happen to you - are you prepared for it?

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Have you considered benchmarking within your business? Benchmarking is an ideal way to ensure that you are meeting and exceeding industry expectations and therefore vital in encouraging business performance. 


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