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We have recently noticed an increase in the number of EHO officers checking to make sure that the public has been informed of the presence of GM ingredients in food served/prepared. 

In recent years, stringent food safety standards and strict hygiene regulations have been established to ensure that all food prepared and sold in the hospitality and catering sector is safe for consumption.

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Soaking up the sun and enjoying a swim in the pool is sure to be top of the agenda on our summer holidays this year, but water safety must always be a primary concern.


This infographic will give you some of the questions which we might ask you in order to help assess your training needs.  From this, we can aid in designing the best training strategy for your business.

This summer, many of us will be jetting off to warmer climes to enjoy some rest and relaxation on our annual vacation.  To fully enjoy any holiday, we need to be fit and healthy, ultimately avoiding any unwanted illness during the trip.

Today marks the fourth anniversary of Five Guys opening their first restaurant in the UK in Covent Garden, London.

How many of us have thought about food safety when it comes to the prolonged storage of perishable food items?

It has risen to our attention the importance to remember the different health and safety dangers that arise with different equipment when cooking at home. 

Fire safety is at the forefront of all of our minds at the moment, particularly following the horrific Grenfell Tower tragedy.  

Summer has now officially commenced and our series of safety features continues with an insight into fire safety when barbecuing.


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