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Every member of the Food Alert team is an expert in what they do, from knowing regulations inside out to legal support to solving IT problems.

Through our Newsroom we will keep you updated with not only what’s going on within Food Alert, but also relevant news and topics in the hospitality industry.


London Food Festival

A unique and exciting food festival is taking place in the capital this summer, as the Evening Standard launches London Food Month in June. This gastronomic, gourmet event will showcase the many culinary delights which London has to offer, highlighting leading restaurants and promoting the city’s top chefs.


Everyone can remember when horse meat found itself on menus back in 2013, but what about the more recent 250,000 servings of beef lasagne containing pork?

An inspection by an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) should provide an opportunity to showcase the high standards to which you operate. This is your chance to achieve or retain that coveted 5 Food Hygiene Rating.

It has been more than two years since the law on how allergen information must be provided by food businesses was changed. Despite this, a recent survey by the FSA and Allergy UK found one in four had suffered a reaction while eating out since the new legislation came into force.

Go For Gold


The results of the FSA's Total Diet Study which was published today, confirm that people in the UK currently consume higher levels of acrylamide than is desirable. This campaign is part of the FSA's wider work to reduce the level of the chemical that people consume through raising awareness of how it is produced.


Downing Street has welcomed talk of a quick deal with Donald Trump’s new administration but Theresa May has been warned by campaigners and politicians that a rushed trade deal with Donald Trump's US administration could put the NHS, the environment and food safety at risk.

The University of Leicester have recently confirmed that bagged salad increases the likelihood of food poisoning bacteria, including Salmonella.

Would you want to eat at an establishment that has an excellent reputation and boasts a Food Hygiene Ratings Scheme score of 4/5?

Or would you go to a restaurant with a score of 2/5 that was recently the subject of an article in the local newspaper thanks to a case of food poisoning made public by a very unhappy client?

Workplace culture

Many hospitality professionals are reviewing their workplace culture with a view to improving it.


Training Services at Food Alert is pleased to offer a new range of ‘How to …’ courses, which not only enhance knowledge of compliance for those at management and supervisory level, but also compliments use of the Food Safety and Health & Safety manuals used by 360 clients.