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In this module you will:

  • Become familiar with the origins and history of coffee
  • Understand how to use the different types of equipment and how it should be used
  • Learn how to make the perfect espresso
  • Understand the differences between steamed and frothed milk and how to prepare it
  • Become knowledgeable about the different styles of coffee
  • Learn how to make a selection of coffees


Part 1 – Coffee origins and characteristics

  • History of coffee
  • The coffee plant
  • The beans
  • Coffee cultivation and characteristics decaffeinated coffee

Part 2 – The essential equipment

  • Coffee machine
  • The grinder
  • Other useful equipment

Part 3 – The perfect espresso

  • The perfect espresso
  • Making the perfect espresso
  • Four steps to the perfect espresso

Part 4 – Milk

  • Steaming milk
  • Foaming milk
  • Which milk?

Part 5 – Making great coffee

  • Classic coffees
  • Liqueur coffees
  • Alternative coffees
  • Coffee styles
  • Working efficiently
  • How to work efficiently

Part 6 – Latte art

  • Preparing for latte art
  • Three basic designs
  • Three basic designs – The technique

Part 7 – Caring for your equipment

  • Caring for your equipment
  • How to clean your coffee machine
  • Cleaning the group heads
  • How to clean your grinder

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