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In this module you will:

  • Understand your responsibilities with regard to Health & Safety (Republic of Ireland) legislation
  • Understand the importance of risk assessment and your responsibilities associated with this risk
  • Identify the different types of accidents and how to prevent them
  • Understand how to lift and carry heavy loads safely
  • Understand how fire starts and how this can be prevented
  • Identify the different types of fire extinguishers and how they should be used
  • Understand how to identity hazardous substances and the dangers associated with these


Section 1: Health & Safety at work

  • Good Personal Hygiene
  • Washing Hands
  • Reporting Illness
  • Smoking
  • Food Allergies
  • Common Food Allergies

Section 2: Accidents at work

  • Accidents and their Prevention
  • Safe Use of Equipment
  • Hazard Awareness
  • Reporting Accidents

Section 3: Manual handling

  • Manual Handling
  • How to Lift Safely

Section 4: Fire

  • Fire Prevention
  • How Fire Starts
  • The Dangers of Fire
  • Fire Hazard Awareness
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • The 5 Types of Fire Extinguisher
  • In the Event of a Fire

Section 5: Hazardous Substances

  • The Control of Substances Hazardous
  • to Health
  • Identifying Hazardous Substances
  • Effects of Hazardous Substances

Section 6: Risk Assessments

  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Assessment Form

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