Consumers are becoming ever more intelligent with comparing and analysing the market, making it imperative for your business to offer premium service to gain competitive advantage. Notably, more managers in the industry are also recognizing this need for premium service and 88% believe that customer service will continue to grow in importance over the next 5 years.

Why Training will help you become successful

75% of companies operating in the hospitality sector believe that investing in staff training is principal to improving staff retention which will ultimately improve turnover.
Furthermore, People 1st reported 49% of business that had trained their staff in the last year found that their turnover increased substantially. Plus, the majority of Managers believe that a company’s training budget needs to increase around 50% to have substantial impact on staff retention.

Brian Wisdom, chief executive of People 1st has provided recommendations from the State of the Nation Hospitality and Tourism 2013.

“As the economy picks up and we face recruitment competition from other industries, ensuring our staff have the right skills is going to be hugely important.”
Brian Wisdom, chief executive of People 1st

Our ‘Train the Trainer’ Courses:
Achieve a professional qualification on how to train your own staff with Food Alert.

The Professional Training Certificate
This qualification is essential for anyone wishing to become a CIEH registered trainer.
The aim of this course is to develop the tutor skills, knowledge, techniques and attitude necessary to design and deliver effective training sessions.

The Manager’s Food Hygiene/Health & Safety Update
This lively and informative course provides managers with an update on current and future food hygiene and health & safety issues, trends and requirements.
It is ideal for Managers who have responsibility for training and practices in food hygiene and health and safety.

Staff Training in the Hospitality Industry is Essential!
Food Hygiene and Health & Safety are required in the hospitality industry to ensure staff are following the accurate and safest procedures, this will safeguard your customer service satisfaction and reputation.
Understandably, it is difficult to train staff around busy schedules but today there are many options made available to help you complete your training efficiently. Food Alert offers classroom training at our easy-to-reach CIEH Premium centre in London…we can also hold training sessions at your premises! Not forgetting, we provide a vast range of E-learning courses that are affordable and user-friendly.




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