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Simple enough for anyone to complete, reliable enough to keep you compliant

Manage your food safety risk assessments from any device with the risk assessment module of our revolutionary food safety software, Alert 65.

With our food safety risk assessments you can complete, store, and distribute your risk assessments digitally within our cloud-based platform, Alert 65.

  • Get access to huge range of industry specific risk assessments covering everything from COSHH & Manual Handling to more bespoke hospitality¬†specific assessments.
  • Get the level of support that fits your business with personalised documents or template risk assessments.
  • Get real time information on what assessments have been completed using Alert 65.
  • Save on your paper trail by having everything completed digitally & never have to worry about losing vital paperwork when an EHO comes to visit.

Say goodbye to endless paper trails and stacks of folders that never seem to end. Upgrade your risk assessment processes with Alert 65 and let Food Alert save you time and money whilst improving your safety standards.

So what are you waiting for? Speak to one of our experts to see find out why Food Alert are the perfect fit for your business, no matter what size you are!

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