Food safety and health & safety solutions for enterprise food businesses

Nutrition and Calorie Management Software – Assure65

Streamline the management of suppliers, ingredients, menus, dishes and labelling with our end-to-end suite of smart software modules, Assure65.

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Supply Chain Assurance

Our experts will work by your side to ensure your suppliers achieve and maintain high standards.

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Food Safety Consultancy

From comprehensive Safety Policies, to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) development, to Incident Management; our experienced team will help you comply.

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Streamline the management of suppliers, ingredients, menus, dishes, and labelling with Assure65's end-to-end suite of smart software modules.

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Assure65 Modules

Save valuable time and money

Keep all of your most critical documents in one, central location – from policies to training records and more. Plus, automate all the processes you have in place for compliance and meeting your legal requirements. Let’s reduce that to-do list.

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Technical consultancy

Achieve regulatory compliance and drill down into the technical nitty gritty with the experts at Food Alert.

Supply Chain Assurance

It’s one thing to make sure your business is compliant – but is your supply chain? We’re here to help you build confidence that your supply chain achieves and maintains the highest safety standards.

Sampling and Nutritional Analysis

Sampling and analysis services tailored to you. From shelf-life information to microbiological analyses, foreign body testing to nutritional information – we’re here to help.