Let wireless tech do the legwork of temperature monitoring for you

Any hospitality business owner knows that every second in the kitchen counts. What better way to win back more of those valuable seconds than by using the powers of wireless technology do some heavy lifting for you?

We’ve partnered with KoolZone, a leading provider of wireless temperature monitoring technology. Using plug-and-play long-range wireless technology (LoRaWAN) is key to safety, compliance and cost reduction. 

A paperless solution that lets you check your food storage temperatures wirelessly and collects all your important data on one digital dashboard. 

  • Easy to install in fridges and freezers, and powered by reliable wireless technology
  • Live dashboard lets you monitor temperatures in real-time and get regular email reports
  • Record any corrective action you need to take and eliminate the chance of human error with industry-leading tech on your side. 
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How does Remote Temperature Monitoring work?

Smart sensors monitor your fridges and freezers around the clock. You’ll receive an alert as soon as an asset goes out of the correct temperature range, helping to prevent a breach of legislation, eliminate the potential for human error, and saving you time and money.

Here are some frequently asked questions when it comes to remote temperature monitoring

What can remote temperature monitoring achieve?

It delivers significant cost savings by automatically monitoring temperatures around the clock and eliminating the need for manual, onsite temperature monitoring. Most clients see a significant reduction in operational costs, increased productivity, and improved compliance.

How does is work?

Sensors are placed into refrigeration units for 24/7 temperature monitoring.

When temperatures fall out of the pre–set range, an alert notification is instantly sent to designated contacts via SMS text message

How far can sensors reach?

In most circumstances, one gateway can cover a large floor of a building. We haven’t yet encountered a site that we couldn’t cover.

Do the sensors have to be plugged in?

No. Our sensors are wireless, and battery operated. They can be placed directly into refrigeration units.

How is the solution maintainted?

There is no maintenance required. Devices are designed to last for years and include a limited lifetime replacement guarantee.

How many alert recipients are supported?

Alerts can be sent to an unlimited number of recipients.

How long do the sensors’ batteries last?

Batteries are low power and can last for 3+ years.

What types of alerts are available?

There are both email and text messages that can be delivered to recipients based on configured temperature thresholds.

How many alert recipients are supported?

Alerts can be sent to an unlimited number of recipients.

How long does it take to install the solution?

Solutions are designed with QR code provisioning for plug-and-play installation. Simply scan the QR codes, place the devices, and start monitoring.

Total installation time will vary based on the total number of devices deployed but one user can usually set up a 50 fridges in a few hours.

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