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Food Safety Audits By Food Alert

As the UK’s leading food safety audit company, we’ve seen and heard it all before!

Having high food hygiene is essential for food businesses to protect their reputation and give customer peace of mind.

At Food Alert, your food safety is our business! Our audit team is made up of qualified and experienced Environmental Health Practitioners who’ve seen and resolved every issue you could imagine.

That means they have the skills to quickly spot any non-compliance issues and help you correct it before it becomes a serious issue.

The Audit Process

With Food Alert, the audit process really couldn’t be any simpler!

  • You’ll receive an audit guide in advance, so you’ll know what to expect
  • An auditor will visit your premises to look at your food hygiene, safety and compliance systems and ensuring everything complies with the latest legislation and codes of practice
  • We’ll then work with you to develop your food safety management system using our compliance software
  • Once the audits done, you’ll get your results broken down into individually scored sections and categories
  • Any non-compliance issues will be clearly highlighted so you can easily identify and fix them
  • Your audit report will also be available on Alert65 so you can manage your progress back to compliance on our online platform

So what are you waiting for? Take the next step towards total food safety compliance and speak to a Food Alert auditor today or complete the contact form and we’ll be in touch soon!