Regulations (RIDDOR) have been in place since 1995, there is often confusion as to whether an accident or incident is reportable under the legislation or not. A number of enquires have been dealt with through the Food Alert and hands partnership Advice Lines in relation to accidents involving customers or guests.

Guidance is readily available on the reporting of accidents through the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), but for those incidents which involve injuries to members of the public or people who are not at work, the deciding factor as to whether they are reportable or not is ‘whether the accident arose out of or in connection with work’.

The guidance provided by the HSE is as follows:

When deciding if an accident arose ‘out of or in connection with work’, it is useful to think first about the circumstances of the accident and the factors involved. Examples might be:

(a) What work was going on at the time?

(b) What was the injured person doing?

(c) What were others doing?

(d) Where did the accident happen?

(e) Were factors such as structures, equipment or substances involved?

Remember to always keep a record of all incidents and accidents in your accident book, regardless of whether they are reportable under RIDDOR. This includes details of any over-three-day absences.

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