Risk assessments form the basis of any robust and effective health and safety measures you put in place in your business. And, most importantly, they’re a legal requirement for any business owner, so it’s vital you have them in place and they’re correct.

Performing a risk assessment is all about thinking about the potential risks or hazards posed by the activities or equipment frequently used within your business. They’re a legal must-have for any business, but the world of hospitality poses its own, very specific risks to those working in (and paying a visit to) various premises.

The law doesn’t require that you completely get rid of every risk in your workplace, but you do need to prove that you’ve done everything you can to pre-empt and mitigate them using the right controls. A perfect example would be spillages – they’re a fact of life in a busy, working kitchen, but can you prove that you have controls in place to make sure people don’t slip?

But it’s not just slips and trips you need to worry about, risk assessments are needed for a variety of tasks – from using cooking equipment, using sharp instruments like knives, to manual handling activity when taking deliveries or lifting heavy containers. There’s also a need for COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) assessments, for the use of cleaning chemicals when cleaning the kitchens and restaurant areas.

You don’t have to do this alone, though. Food Alert can be on hand to help you understand what tasks you need to risk assess across your business, get you confident in properly completing a risk assessment and reminding you when it’s time to review your risk assessments. Plus, you can complete, store, and distribute your risk assessments digitally and record staff training, with our cloud-based, management platform, Alert65’s specific risk assessment module.

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How do Food Alert Risk Assessments work?

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