Food Hygiene & Safety Training

Training your managers and staff is a legal requirement – there’s no denying that. It can reduce the likelihood of food complaints, accidents and ill health. But there’s so many more benefits to introducing training opportunities in your business.

Did you know that businesses who invest in quality training see 53% less staff turnover? And one thing we know for certain is that great staff is the bread and butter of a great hospitality business.

What is Hygiene & Safety training in the workplace?

It’s a legal requirement to provide training and instructions to employees to ensure work is performed safely and without risks to health. But eLearning training courses can also go beyond compliance to help you upskill your employees, tackle the skills gap, boost productivity and performance, and improve your business reputation.

At Food Alert, we offer a complete range of certified eLearning and tutor-led courses.

Accredited eLearning courses delivered by iHASCO

Our eLearning courses are designed, delivered, and managed by through a referral partnership with our sister company, iHASCO – providers of unrivalled, high-quality Health & Safety and HR Compliance eLearning.

Their creative and expertly designed courses are all independently audited and approved by as many recognised authorities as possible, including CPD, RoSPA, IATP, IOSH, IIRSM, Skills for Care, and more.

With over 100 accredited courses, each one has been designed to help you invest in your people and the future of your business.

Meeting our ISO 9001 certified quality standards

Food Alert is ISO 9001 certified, so you can rest assured that quality and consistency is always the top of our agenda. That’s why we’ve partnered with iHASCO to deliver our Hygiene & Safety training – the effectiveness of their eLearning courses is proven.

iHASCO Approvals & Accreditations

CPD accredited training

RoSPA approved training

IOSH approved training

IIRSM approved training