Food Alert helps pub and hotel specialists, Stay Original, stay safe!

Proud owners of five boutique hotels and inns around the South West of England, Stay Original first started renovating interesting buildings in to well-loved, award winning pubs and hotels back in 2011.

It was at this time that Stay Original first started looking for a trusted partner to manage their health and safety compliance.

Operations Manager, Natalie Zvonek-Little:

“We were looking into a few different providers, and then one of the team recommended Food Alert and we haven’t looked back. Being totally digital and cloud-based, Food Alert’s Alert65 platform has made our compliance so much easier to manage, with checklists and risk assessments now taking half the time to put complete and the ease of access to all of our records means there’s greater transparency within the business.”

Like lots of pubs, restaurants and hotels, coming out of lockdown in 2020 meant relaunching the business and ensuring new risk assessments were in place, and that front and back of house were Covid-safe. Having the ability to digitally create and schedule checklists and tasks using Alert65 helped the team to automate the entire ‘due diligence’ process and streamline their compliance remotely from a single location, adhering to travel and social distancing measures.  Additional support and expert help from the Food Alert team was just a call or text away if needed.

Operations Manager, Natalie Zvonek-Little:

“Food Alert has always played an invaluable role within our business and coming out of lockdown was a particularly challenging time from a health and safety perspective, so just being able to pick up the phone or text on a Friday evening to get help and support was a real reassurance.

“As part of our preparations for reopening, we had to produce and implement new checklists and risk assessments, but this was made so much easier as we simply accessed Food Alert’s pre-prepared templates from Alert65, whilst working from home. Having a number of different sites is also easy to manage with the software, as you have visibility of what’s being completed and actioned at each pub, all in one place. The reports I needed to produce could be easily customised to our business and scheduled to arrive in my inbox on any given day!”

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Lockdown aside, the team at Stay Original also rely on Alert65 to help them stay on top of team training when it comes to dealing with challenges such as food allergens.

Operations Manager, Natalie Zvonek-Little:

“It’s an area of hospitality that can be really complicated, with guidance and regulations constantly changing, so training our team properly and thoroughly is key to staying on top of compliance. Alert65 is great for ensuring there are no chinks in our armour, and we’re always up to date with legal requirements and risk assessments.”

Audits are a big part of any hospitality business, and Natalie and her team choose to have unannounced audits, which provides an opportunity for one to one support with their Food Alert consultant, whilst keeping everyone on their toes.

Operations Manager, Natalie Zvonek-Little:

“We have unannounced audits as it helps to ensure we never take our eye off the ball, and we really value having that one to one time with our consultant to sit down and go through all of our compliance and resolve any issues. It’s just another important part of the Food Alert service that we truly benefit from and value.”

If you want to find out how your business can benefit like Stay Original Co, simply give us a call on 020 7244 1900 and our team will be happy to discuss your compliance needs. Or get in touch with us online and we’ll call you back at a time that suits you.