Sites from traditional pubs steeped in history to secret underground cocktail bars


Food Safety and Health & Safety audits carried out annually by our team of Consultants!


Digital checklists completed using Alert65!

Young’s pubs and hotels sit at the heart of local communities spanning the South, from London to Exeter and from Oxford to Cambridge. With more than 200 establishments – from traditional pubs steeped in history to secret underground cocktail bars – Young’s has never stood still in its 189 year history or compromised on health & safety.  

Food Alert was able to provide a full audit and 24/7 advice service thanks to our team of highly qualified health & safety specialists.  Food Alert’s cloud-based, digital food hygiene and safety management tool, Alert65, also allows Young’s to remotely update and manage compliance across its estate, including checklists, HACCP paperwork, training schedules and audit actions and reports.

For Young’s having the flexibility to design and create its own checklists specific to the business, is a big plus of Alert65, with the transfer to digital compliance delivering significant efficiency and environmental savings.

Health & Safety Manager, Dan Spickett:

“Alert65 has transformed the way we manage our safety compliance. Until recently, we printed three different diaries – food safety, health & safety and hotels – which not only used 180,000 sheets of paper each year but was incredibly resource intensive and relied on our managers to maintain and not lose.

“Now our general managers have a tablet, from which they can access Alert65 and through a dashboard complete everything from checklists to incident reporting and risk assessments. Not only does it make compliance easy, but it also means that we can spot if a venue is experiencing any difficulties and step in to offer additional support and training where required.

Health & Safety Manager, Dan Spickett:

“Alert65 has its own checklist templates which are very helpful, but I can adapt and design them, so they reflect Young’s needs. Also, having the ability to update our compliance ‘paperwork’ digitally has been hugely beneficial, meaning that our teams have access to the very latest legislation without having to wait for the next diary print-run.

“At a basic level, the transfer to digital has been a cost neutral exercise, but environmental and efficiency savings are significant and can’t be ignored.”

If you want to find out how your business can benefit like Young’s Pubs, simply give us a call on 020 7244 1900 and our team will be happy to discuss your compliance needs. Or get in touch with us online and we’ll call you back at a time that suits you.