This progressive use of technology has also infiltrated the restaurant sector, as it has become the norm to document the food we eat – with thousands of images of delicious dinners and creative cuisine being uploaded to social networking sites every minute!

This obsession with food (or #foodporn – according to savvy bloggers!) has indeed become a formidable marketing tool for many restaurants and chefs. The use of social media is a powerful platform for advertising, where a single photograph can quickly be seen by millions of followers!

Many chefs are now embracing the use of technology and social media, welcoming the positive publicity. One customer ‘checking in’ at a restaurant on Facebook or posting a photo of a meal on Instagram can ultimately lead to a further alliance of clients. This modern form of ‘word of mouth’ has exceeded all expectations and is one of the most salient marketing tools of our generation!

The use of technology is constantly evolving and we are now witnessing an innovative trend featuring gourmet food on-the-go. Apps, such as Just Eat, Deliveroo, hungryhouse (Delivery Hero) and UberEATS, are changing the way in which we envisage ‘fast food’. High quality, restaurant-standard food can be delivered within minutes through the touch of a button!

These hugely successful online meal ordering and delivery apps have teamed up with restaurants across the globe to offer a range of cuisine for consumers and some are open 24 hours a day! Apps, such as UberEATS, have also featured food from local celebrity chefs who have used the platform to enhance their public prominence.

Along with ordering food online, technology has also allowed consumers to quickly rate the quality of a restaurant, with many reviews posted online or comments uploaded to Twitter or Facebook pages. Freedom of speech has never been so evident and positive publicity can significantly enhance a restaurant’s status.

With an ever-expanding cyber community, it is therefore crucially important for chefs and restaurant owners to fully embrace emerging technology and to ensure that social media plays a fundamental role in their marketing mix. Diners posting photos of food online is a phenomenon which is only set to intensify, so the key is to welcome the free exposure and support a new wave of discerning customers who are keen to showcase your culinary expertise to their many followers across the globe!






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