• Do your managers and staff know what to do when an Environmental Health Officer visits your premises?
  • Are they aware of the consequences of not providing information if requested by the Officer?
  • Are they clear in terms of who is responsible for liaising with the Officer during the visit?
  • Do they know how to correctly record the visit and any action points that are identified?
  • Do they know who to notify?

An inspection by an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) should provide an opportunity to showcase the high standards to which you operate. This is your chance to achieve or retain that coveted 5 Food Hygiene Rating. It is also critical to be ready to address any action points that do arise in the correct way. Therefore, it is important to ensure you are able to answer the questions above.

With 27 years of experience supporting our clients with their EHO relationships, we are best placed to advise you in terms of how best to prepare.

We offer training for your business that is based on this experience and helps to ensure you are ready for your next EHO visit. We also provide an overview of how the Food Hygiene Rating scheme operates as well as your options should you wish to appeal, post a ‘right-to-reply’ or request a re-inspection.

Food Alert work with businesses to deliver a comprehensive range of accredited eLearning and tutor-led courses. Our ‘Competent Manager Award‘ course covers all aspects of Food Safety including handling an EHO visit.

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