This week we look to ordering a side of vaccine with our pizza, hopefully see the end of the ‘pingdemic’ sweeping the nation, and get ‘peckish’ at the thought of a KFC themed hotel and a summer of food festivals…

Uber, Deliveroo and Pizza Pilgrims offering Covid jab-linked incentives

With the uptake in Covid vaccines for 18 + year olds plateauing, the government has teamed up with the likes of Uber and Deliveroo to offer reminders and incentives to young adults to get vaccinated.  Pizza Pilgrims has also said one of its London sites would operate as a drop-in vaccination clinic for both staff and the public once it opens.  “By making getting your jab as easy as grabbing a slice of pizza, hopefully we can help our teams and customers get both their first and second doses as easily and quickly as possible,” said Thom Elliot, Pizza Pilgrims founder.


NHS Covid app in England and Wales adjusted to notify fewer contacts

The phrase ‘pingdemic’ is now a familiar one, with hundreds of hospitality businesses having to shut up shop due to staff having to isolate.  This week the government announced that it was going to tweak the NHS Covid app, so fewer contacts will be notified.  This has been cautiously welcomed by trade bodies such as UK Hospitality, who see this change as necessary to prevent a complete loss of summer trading.


KFC themed hotel to open promises a ‘cluckin’ great time

For KFC’s loyal fan base, their dreams are about to come true with the opening of a fried chicken-themed hotel.  The House of Harland is taking roost in Shoreditch for 11 days this August, with everything designed to create a cluckin’ great holiday. From a Colonelmobile to pick you up to a Hot Winger arcade game, and ‘press for chicken’ button when you get peckish, the KFC experience starts at £111 per room per night, with all proceeds going to the KFC Foundation.


Six of the best Food Festivals this summer

Continuing our love affair with all things food, summer and staycations, we couldn’t help but spot this gem listing six of the best food festivals.  From a Vegan Camp Out in Nottinghamshire to a meat lovers paradise, Meatopia in London there’s something to satisfy every foodie this summer.







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