The issue of ineffective pest control has hit the headlines yet again. A leading hotel in Birmingham was recently fined £120,000 at the city’s Magistrates Court after Environmental Health Officers discovered poor hygiene standards and an infestation of mice in the hotel’s kitchen.

The incident was first reported in September 2016 after a guest saw a mouse in the restaurant and droppings were found in the kitchen and bar. After further inspection, Birmingham City Council’s Environmental Health Officers served a hygiene emergency prohibition notice on the hotel, which stayed in force, until they were satisfied that acceptable levels of hygiene standards had been met.

These serious contraventions are another harsh reminder of the consequences of failing to meet stringent safety standards.

  • New sentencing guidelines mean huge fines can be incurred
  • Safety of guests and employees is put at risk
  • Corporate reputations severely damaged

Pest control should therefore be a key part of your safety management programme. According to the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), key points to consider for preventing pest infestation include:

  • Setting up a pest control contract with a specialist service provider
  • Actioning any recommendations made by the pest control company as quickly as possible and making sure the report shows the date the work was undertaken
  • Regularly Inspecting your premises, between pest control visits, for signs of pests particularly around the kitchen, food stores and waste storage areas
  • Keeping records of the inspections, findings and any action taken to treat an infestation
  • Respond promptly to all reports from guests or staff and manage potential pest problems effectively

The CIEH and Food Alert recognise the importance of protecting guests and employees from the risk to health associated with pests. If you require a check sheet for dealing with a pest infestation please click here

Food Alert can also assist by providing expert guidance in preparation for EHO inspections, as well as support with action points following visits from Environmental Health Officers, therefore helping you achieve higher standards of food hygiene and safety. Ultimately, clients benefit from peace of mind, brand protection, improved safety measures and higher food hygiene ratings.

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