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Are you trying to implement Digital Safety Management (DSM) into your hospitality business?

It’s becoming increasingly popular for businesses to convert to working digitally, and the kitchen is no different in following the trend. When it comes to managing food hygiene and health & safety restaurants are looking for innovative ways to manage their management online.

How often do you change the sponge in your kitchen? Well, it might not be as often as you should. 

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The body that represents councils in England, The Local Government Association (LGA), is pressing for England to follow Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in making it compulsory for food businesses to display their Food Hygiene Rating (FHR).

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A staggering 7.3 million tonnes of food is wasted each year, making it vital for us to make an effort with the way we buy and consume food, in order to prevent wasting it. 

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Brunch is a lifestyle choice and one to be enjoyed with family and friends – especially on lazy weekend mornings. But many of us may not be aware of the hidden dangers of brunch!

Eggs have recently hit the headlines again and many of us may be concerned about food safety issues. 

The FSA recently published research, showing that people with food allergies are more confident about eating out since allergen information rules were introduced in 2014.

We have recently noticed an increase in the number of EHO officers checking to make sure that the public has been informed of the presence of GM ingredients in food served/prepared. 

In recent years, stringent food safety standards and strict hygiene regulations have been established to ensure that all food prepared and sold in the hospitality and catering sector is safe for consumption.


This infographic will give you some of the questions which we might ask you in order to help assess your training needs.  From this, we can aid in designing the best training strategy for your business.