Food Alert
Food Alert
Episode 2: Supply Chain

You spend hours on your safety compliance to protect your reputation – but then some sloppiness on the part of your suppliers derails all your hard work.

Supply chain assurance is only getting more and more important for hospitality and retail businesses, but it can be hard to know where to start. What are the different ways of auditing your suppliers? Is it expensive? How do you go about it while still being able to focus on your business and maintain a good relationship with your suppliers?

In this episode, Supply Chain Assurance Director Rebecca Traynor gives you the ultimate guide to managing and auditing your supply chain.


About Rebecca Traynor:

Rebecca heads up Food Alert’s team of supply chain assurance experts, auditing, certifying and approving suppliers on behalf of some of the biggest brands in the country. Previously working as a technical manager and account manager in the manufacturing industry, and with hands-on implementing both FSSC and BRCGS, there’s nothing Rebecca doesn’t know about building and maintaining good, safe supplier relationships.


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