District Judge Michael Snow criticised the firm – which avoided prosecution because it complied with the terms of the notice – for ignoring advice on hygiene regulations as there was an imminent risk of injury to health. He ruled the notice had been correctly served and ordered the restaurant chain to pay prosecution costs of £3,103.

Guidance has been issued by the European Food Safety Agency and the NHS stating that cattle liver should be fully cooked. However, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have not issued any direction to caterers. The presence of Campylobacter in chicken livers is well documented and the FSA has issued clear guidance on cooking times and temperatures, as below:

  • 65°C for 10 minutes
  • 70°C for 2 minutes
  • 75°C for 30 seconds
  • 80°C for 6 seconds

Until the time that the FSA issue clear guidance to caterers regarding the requirement to fully cook offal, it is recommended that you consider the potential risks associated with serving under-cooked liver and review your cooking processes accordingly to ensure the core temperature reaches 70°C for 2 minutes or equivalent.

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