Getting the fundamentals right is key to running a successful hospitality business. By fundamentals, we’re not only talking about the service you’re providing, but also the complex matter of compliance.

Staying compliant is tough for any busy hospitality business. With so much to focus on in your business operation, keeping on top of all necessary rules and regulations and piles of paperwork can be a tough ask – especially when it comes to keeping that paperwork accurate and easily accessible.

Fortunately, the days of having to do everything by hand are over. Advances in technology mean that we can say goodbye to compliance paperwork for good and make use of smart features that make compliance quicker, simpler, and easier to stay on top of.

What are the benefits of digital compliance?

Here’s five reasons why it makes sense to switch to a cloud-based compliance system – like our industry-leading Alert65 platform:

  1. Operational efficiencies – automate manual tasks

Let’s face it – people don’t enter hospitality because they love compliance. Meeting your legal requirements is a necessary evil, so to speak. By automating tasks, operators not only free up time to spend on delivering brilliant customer experiences, but also reduce their to-do list by having all compliance processes and critical documents in one central location – from policies to training records, and much more.

  1. Real-time reporting and analytics

A cloud-based food safety and health & safety system gives you access to all your essential reports in real-time – from checklists and training schedules to HACCP recording and food complaints.

This way, you and your teams can access key information at any time, from any location, in a click or swipe. Cloud-based food safety and health & safety software like Alert65 also ensures that your compliance is streamlined in one place, with easy visibility on information across multiple functions. Not only can you access your data whenever or wherever you are, but it puts you on the front foot when an Environmental Health Officer comes calling.

  1. Robust due diligence

Not only is switching to digital compliance a more efficient way of working, it’s also a robust way of making sure your due diligence will withstand interrogation. Paper-based systems can be easily forged and lack visibility, which isn’t going to help if you find yourself in a conflict situation – such as a food poisoning challenge.

  1. Sustainability – significantly cut paper and save trees

Making the switch to cloud-based food safety and health & safety compliance software also allows you to do your bit for the planet and hit your sustainability goals, by cutting down on unruly paper trails.

For example, a Food Alert retail client with 25 restaurants used to produce 150-page diligence diaries three times a year for each location, amounting to 60,000 sheets of paper. That’s the equivalent of three trees or 100kg of CO2! Now their paper usage is minimal.

  1. Operational cost savings

With rising operational costs and staff recruitment pressures, automating compliance is a no-brainer when it comes to reducing expenditure. Not only do you save money on paper and printing costs, but you also save on time and resource, which frees up your staff to focus on delivering a great guest experience. There’s other cost savings to be gained too – such as minimising food waste by integrating remote temperature control monitoring.

Making the switch to digital compliance

Making the switch to our industry-leading compliance software Alert65 couldn’t be easier. Here at Food Alert, we have your back every step of the way, managing the onboarding for you and taking the hassle out of the process so you’re set up in no time.

If you’d like to find out more, simply give us a call in 020 7244 1900 and our team will be happy to discuss your compliance needs.  Or get in touch with us online and we’ll call you back at a time that suits you.




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