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health and safety, bouncy castle, safety, convictions, safety procedures, fairground safety

The tragic death of a 7 year old girl on a bouncy castle and subsequent convictions has highlighted the importance of following safety procedures.  Find out what steps to take to avoid this happening.

e-coli dangers health and safety hot topics

A major E. coli outbreak in the US has highlighted the dangers of this bacteria and the importance of properly prepping salads, fruit and raw vegetables.  Read our advice on how to reduce the risk of infection.

allergy, nut allergy, peanuts, intolerance, peanut graphic, food safety, halth and safety, health, restaurants

With rising numbers of people in the UK suffering from food allergies, it is vital that restaurants and food businesses take the appropriate measures to minimise exposure.  Find out how to comply with regulations and cut your risk.

Client Support Coordinator Diana Anghel Day in the life Spotlight feature

Our second ‘Day in the life of’ feature is focused on Diana Anghel, one of Food Alert’s Client Support Co-ordinators. We spoke to her about the role and what her typical day at Food Alert consists of. Find out what she had to say.

hospitality, food safety, partner, hospitality, food alert

We are delighted to announce that Food Alert has been chosen as the UKHospitality’s nominated Food Safety Partner of choice.  Read about how this new partnership will benefit UKHospitality members.

straw, blog, plastic problem, plastic, recycling, upcycling, straw ban

The Marine Conservation Society recently highlighted the dramatic rise in litter and the devastating affect plastics are having on the environment. Plastic straws were pinpointed as being a particular issue. Read our blog to find out about the initiatives being undertaken by businesses, campaign groups and government to help solve the plastic problem.

New government legislation was recently announced stating that food business operators are required to put in place simple and practical steps to manage acrylamide within their food safety management systems. Read our blog for further details on the regulation, who it will affect and guidance on how to reduce acrylamide within the specified foods.

The world’s largest ever Listeriosis outbreak has illustrated the importance for food producers, distributors and restaurateurs to maintain high food safety standards. Read our blog for tips on how to prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

Latest research from the Federation of Small Businesses indicates that the small business community is still worryingly unprepared for GDPR. Read our blog for information on the new regulations and how they could affect your business. 

work, related, musculoskeletal, health and safety, health, safety, work related disorders

The third and final infographic from our Health and Safety Executive Vital Statistics series, which illustrates the impact on UK businesses from work related musculoskeletal disorders. Highlighting the importance of good Health and Safety procedures and training.