While the hospitality industry continues to thrive, technology is proving to be an increasingly important component for hotels and restaurants to gain competitive advantage. Consumers are becoming ever more susceptible to technology and as a result, competing businesses must stay one step ahead.

Currently there’s a surge in apps designed for customers to place their orders in restaurants using their smartphone. Caterer and Hotelkeeper reported the success restaurateurs have found in giving the power back to the consumer; to order, keep track and reserve tables through apps. Some of these ordering apps that are hitting headlines are Orderella, Qikserve and my order app.

“The mobile transaction/ wallets space is estimated to be worth $1.7tn by 2020… Those not thinking about it now will become the HMVs and Blockbusters of the future” Dan Rodgers, Qikserve.

Restaurants who have introduced ordering apps into their business have found that 20% of app orders contain an additional drink and desert to traditional ordering. These extra orders mean that it’s worth investing. The increase in additional orders is likely to be a reaction of impulse as consumer behaviour is maturing and becoming less discerning to technology.

Creating an innovative and interactive customer experience through such apps is also likely to proliferate staff efficiencies. Staff will have more time to focus on each customer and duty as they no longer have to take as many orders.

Furthermore, it has also been found that apps have made it easier for operators to measure consumer habits and define targeted marketing.

There are some restaurants who are staying competitive in the digital race, for example, our clients Giraffe and Nandos. Both restaurant’s apps are free and focused on customer loyalty; tailoring offers, tallying visits and providing news notifications.

Another client of ours who has invested in mobile technology to run their operations more efficiently is Wahaca. Wahaca and their sister site, Burrito Mama, have partnered with London-based app developers FlyPay to bring an innovative solution to check, split and pay for your bill.

“I am confident to say that what Flypay offers and continues to develop is the future of restaurant payment solutions. It is, by far, the most impressive of all the pay-at-table technologies that we have seen, and we are committed to integrating this into our business.” Mark Selby, Founder of Wahaca.

Apps like these, that put the customer in charge, no doubt improve customer experience. Restaurants who invest will see a huge reduction in delays, whilst also boosting staff efficiency and diminishing costs.






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