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The world’s largest ever Listeriosis outbreak has illustrated the importance for food producers, distributors and restaurateurs to maintain high food safety standards. Read our blog for tips on how to prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

Latest research from the Federation of Small Businesses indicates that the small business community is still worryingly unprepared for GDPR. Read our blog for information on the new regulations and how they could affect your business. 

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The third and final infographic from our Health and Safety Executive Vital Statistics series, which illustrates the impact on UK businesses from work related musculoskeletal disorders. Highlighting the importance of good Health and Safety procedures and training.

A restaurant, in South Oxfordshire, that ignored a Food Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice was recently fined £35,000 after staff continued to prepare food in prohibited rooms.

Check out the second infographic of our Health and Safety Executive Vital Statistics series, focusing on workplace injuries and the adverse effects they can cause.



The Health & Safety Executive has announced their 2017 statistics for Great Britain’s Health & Safety at work. Check out our first infographic, part of a series, which focuses on the key figures related to ‘work-related stress, depression and anxiety’ in the workplace – it makes for interesting reading.Work related stress, depression or anxiety infographic

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A £40,000 fine was recently handed out to a well-known burger franchise in Ipswich after a hot oil scalding incident. Read our latest blog for advice on how to prevent hot oil accidents and avoid prosecution.

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Within this special feature, part of our ‘Spotlight’ series, we had a chat with one of Food Alert’s Senior Consultants, Mary Donovan, to gain an insight into her prominent and diverse role.

This year, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has identified the prevention of lung impairment and musculoskeletal injuries as major priorities.

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Food Alert is excited to be partnering with The Azzurri Group, to deliver their food hygiene and health & safety auditing programme across the group’s entire UK restaurant portfolio.