Today marks the fourth anniversary of Five Guys opening their first restaurant in the UK in Covent Garden, London.

Five Guys was founded in Virginia in the US in 1986 by the Murrell family and has since grown to more than 1,400 restaurants in the US and Canada.

Their international expansion began in 2013, opening the first restaurant in London’s Covent Garden. The large queues that formed outside were evidence that the unique Five Guys formula was going to be a big hit this side of the Atlantic.

Today Five Guys operate more than 70 restaurants in the UK and are growing in a number of other countries including France, Ireland, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Five Guys has partnered with Food Alert since they opened in the UK and we now support the business in relation to food hygiene & health and safety in all international regions outside the US.

Partnership with Food Alert

Five Guys presented a challenge to us right at the start of our partnership – how do we replicate the same operational standards, whilst ensuring every aspect of hygiene and safety meets the legislative and best practice requirements found in the UK?

Food Alert carried out a full review of the existing systems and procedures, then, using our experience of more than 27 years in regulatory compliance, amended and adjusted every aspect to ensure they would meet the requirements of the Environmental Health Officer.

Five Guys benefit from a number of Food Alert support services including on-line safety management systems, programmed audits (and action close-out), training and legal updates.

We are proud to partner with Five Guys and wish them well for their continued success.






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