The Food Standards Agency has released further guidance on controlling the risk of cross-contamination from E.coli O157. They have published the third edition of the Q&A’s which addresses a number of issues that have been raised by industry since the publication of the second edition in November 2011.

Some of the issues included are:

an update on the extension of Remedial Action Notices as an enforcement power
advice on the use of the same food preparation sink for raw and ready-to-eat foods
clarification of when worktops are considered to be non-food contact surfaces
whether a change of use from raw to ready-to-eat foods is possible for ‘complex equipment’
advice on the cleaning of probes

The FSA has also published two ‘decision trees’ which provide examples of actions that could be taken by enforcement officers when considering the handwashing and disinfectant controls put in place by food businesses to prevent E.coli cross-contamination.

This information can be obtained from:

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