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COVID-19 Standard Certification Scheme

As hospitality operators start to re-open their businesses, they will need to put into place control measures that protect their employees, customers and visitors.

Food Alert has created a comprehensive COVID-19 Standard which details the actions that should be implemented in order to achieve this. The Standard covers the key topics of:

  • Documentation 
  • People 
  • Premises and Physical Distancing 
  • Cleaning 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The Standard is supported by a Certification Scheme the objective of which is to verify that the controls laid down within it have been successfully implemented within a business.

Upon successful completion, your business will receive a 'COVID-19 Standard' certificate and sticker for display. 


The Process


  • Initial application for the certification against the Standard.
  • Confirmation of audit details.



Self Assessment

  • An initial online questionnaire determines where the business is in terms of control measures in place and provides an opportunity to submit relevant documentation.



  • Certification is achieved following an audit of the operation, whether remotely or on-site, which is appropriate and proportionate to the size of the business. The audit establishes whether the business meets the criteria laid down within the Standard.
  • The audit is conducted by suitably trained and experienced Food Alert Consultants and involves both an inspection of the premises and a review of the supporting documentation.

Approval and Certification

  • Certification is only granted if the business has demonstrated full compliance with the Food Alert COVID-19 Standard.
  • In the event that further corrective actions are required, these will be specified and a evidence must be provided for assessment prior to final certification.

Feedback and Monitoring 

  • Within this scheme, your customers will have the ability to provide feedback and ratings on four key areas to monitor your COVID-19 safety measures. 


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What else is included?

As part of the COVID-19 Standard Scheme, for a period of 12-months, you will automatically have access to our dedicated team of experts along with the following resources:

Food Hygiene & Safety Advice Line

Accessible via email or phone, the Advice Line will provide guidance on areas such as: 

  • COVID-19 controls
  • Safety and hygiene audits
  • Task based risk assessments
  • Enforcement inspections and food hygiene ratings
  • Food complaints
  • Policy and document support

ALERT65 Checklist App 

Available on both desktop and mobile devices, the Checklist App will enable you to: 

  • Design personalised checklist or access 100's of industry approved templates.
  • Schedule checklists and tasks across your business. 
  • Perform checklists on any device and close-out actions. 
  • Access live reporting.

ALERT65 Audit App 

Available on both desktop and mobile devices, the Audit App will give you access to close-out your COVID-19 Safe Audit actions. 

Re-Certification Audit after 6 Months 

A remote digital inspection will be carried out after 6 months, this is to ensure that your business is adhering to the standards laid out in our Scheme. 

Providing that the premises passes the audit, a new certificate and sticker will be issued for display. 

Food Hygiene and Allergen Training 

Access to a suite of food hygiene and allergen online courses, for up to 10 employees, ideal for refresher sessions or new starters. 

Feedback and monitoring 

The feedback and monitoring scheme has been created to offer employees and customers peace of mind when it comes to COVID-19 safety. It covers four key areas based on Government guidance – social distancing measures, cleanliness, staff behaviour and overall satisfaction – and is there to encourage your customers feedback. 

This feedback will be used to monitor that Certified business' are adhering to the standards and highlight any infringements that require immediate attention. This will be a continuous scheme to support businesses, so that standards are maintained, while continuing to build employee and customer confidence.  




"We are delighted to have achieved covid certification against Food Alert’s standard in our Manchester Bar - the first such venue in the U.K. to go through their new process. Our teams, in conjunction with Food Alert, have worked hard to start preparing our businesses to re-open as safely as possible and to help ensure customers have the confidence to visit us once the lock down has lifted. We are already working on the rest of our U.K. bar estate for BrewDog and Draft House to complete this process."

James Brown, Retail Director, BrewDog



"The certification scheme has been well received, not only by our 450 employees who know we have done everything we can to make their workplace as safe as possible, but for our customers who are confident that we are delivering the highest standards possible. What I found suprising was that PPE was not the most important control, but all the steps that we should take in terms of deep cleaning, social distancing and task checklists to keep people safe, with PPE being the final link in the chain."

Caroline Ottoy, Food Service Director, Planet Organic 



"I wanted to be sure that we are doing everything we could to keep our guests and employees safe and working towards the Food Alert Covid-19 Certification Scheme offered that peace of mind. The team was always on hand to answer any questions and Julia Wilson deserves a special mention, she was incredibly helpful, informed and supportive. The re-opening process was definitely made easier with the raft of support materials Food Alert made available through its ALERT65 app and online, with easy to print templates, signage and checklists all easily available at my fingertips."

Spiros Koutsouris, General Manager, Ekte Nordic Kitchen 


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