Whether you are a hospitality operator, caterer or food retailer, making sure your suppliers meet acceptable standards of hygiene is a key prerequisite of any food safety management system and ‘due diligence’ defence.

So, how can you get that confidence that your suppliers not only achieve, but also maintain the highest possible standards? That’s where our support comes in.

Our specialist team can work with you and your suppliers to provide assurance that your supply chain has suitable food safety standards in place to protect your brand, reputation and customers.

Service overview:

  • Complete supplier approval and management system
  • Options to carry out the initial approval, either by auditing to an agreed set of criteria or verification of third-party certificates (e.g. BRCGS, SALSA)
  • Managing the supplier base through approving any new/additional suppliers and updating certification/approval details for existing suppliers as and when they become due for renewal
  • Maintenance of all records on our compliance software platform with dashboard overview, downloading of reports and tracking of expiry dates
  • Providing regular summary reports

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Digital checklists assigned and completed

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Food Safety Risk Assessments

Comprehensive, tailor-made risk assessments, perfect for any hospitality business. Identify and mitigate risks and hazards, with expert help along the way.

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Food Safety Audits

Bespoke audits designed by our experts for your business. Find out what you’re doing well, areas that need improvement and get a simple plan of action to get back on track.

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