Did you know…?
• The average household wastes around £50 a month on food!
• The UK throws away 7.2 tonnes of food and drink from our homes each year!

Love Food Hate Waste is campaigning for change and aims to better inform and guide us on environmental practices. Providing meal plans and recipes to form part of our daily routine Love Food Hate Waste will help us reduce our waste dramatically.

Make a Change…
The Sustainable Restaurants Association (SRA) celebrates awards restaurants that operate in the utmost sustainable style. Restaurants today can learn from the award-winning restaurants, of SRA by implementing some of their savvy and eco-friendly techniques. These winners operate best practices in sourcing, environmental and society and the SRA ranks the restaurants by star in these three areas.

This year’s Sustainable Restaurant winner was Café-ODE in Devon who was granted 3 stars overall for their sustainable philosophy throughout the company, achieving 94% for Environmental, 97% in Society and 92% in sourcing.

From recycled kitchen equipment to solar thermals used to heat their water – Café-ODE is an ethical and eco-friendly restaurant that we can learn a or two lesson from.
(Not to mention their award winning food: ODE made Square Meals ‘Hit List’ as one of the best restaurants outside of London).

Environmental Awareness: Learn and become more environmentally aware with us…

E-learning and Classroom Training for you!

With current public global interest and the requirements of owners and investors, the need for businesses to address environmental issues and their own environmental impact has never been greater. Food Alert’s Environmental Awareness qualification has been designed for middle managers and supervisors who have responsibility for decision-making, managing budgets, allocating tasks and meeting performance targets.

Gaining the confidence to

•Deal with environmental issues
•Take corrective actions where necessary
•Contribute towards shaping policy
•Deal with customer queries

•Identification, management and reduction of environmental impacts and pollution
•Improved public image
•Improved efficiency
•Cost savings and efficiencies






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