As the top CIEH Premium Centre, Food Alert is proud to announce that, in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, we are launching a modern paperless solution to multiple-choice question examinations.

This innovative approach to taking your CIEH course exam brings you great benefits:

  • You get your test results straight away. No more waiting on examination papers to be processed
  • It’s paperless. Examination papers can be sent electronically
  • You get your certificate on the day
  • No postage costs
  • Reduction in turnaround of the course
  • Easy to manage all your company’s
  • Cuts down on time, storage, postage and auditing
  • Easy to manage all your company’s candidates’ test results, providing reduction of administration time

At the moment, the electronic exam is available in English and Welsh. Those wishing to take the exam in another language can still use the paper based examination process.

If you would like to book a place for an open course in our award-winning Training Centre or an in-house group course in your premises, please visit






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