This week we look at why Hygiene Matters, how a Japanese hotel is recycling plastic and food waste to generate power, the London Eye’s Christmas pod experience and how a mug of coffee can lift your mood and make you more focused…

Hygiene Matters – one strike and you’re out

This week Food Alert made headlines as we revealed the results of our ‘Hygiene Matters’ consumer research, in partnership with KAM Media. Our survey of 500 UK adults found that two in three people agreed hospitality hygiene standards have become more important to them since the pandemic began.  And some 69% wanted hand sanitising stations to become a permanent feature, while more than half wanted venues to have ‘extreme hygiene measures’ clearly in place. Respondents said food hygiene ratings should be clearly visible in venues, with 49% of consumers admitting to having a ‘one strike and you’re out’ policy when it came to bad hygiene standards.


Japanese hotel run entirely on renewable energy

With COP26 grabbing headlines these past couple of weeks, we were inspired by Japan’s Kawasaki King Skyfront Tokyu REI Hotel, which is the first hydrogen-powered hotel in the world.  Hydrogen is considered the ‘greenest’ form of energy and this stylish hotel is symbolic of the future. Its power supply is 30% sustained by plastic waste that is acquired locally from the city of Kawasaki, as well as plastics produced by the hotel, including used room amenities such as toothbrushes and hair combs. Alongside the hydrogen initiative, the other 70% of the hotel’s electricity is sourced from ‘food waste’. By participating in a project where food waste is methane-fermented by microorganisms, the biogas is used as fuel in an effort to eliminate food waste disposed of at hotels, in addition to generating fuel to use as electricity.  The future definitely looks green!


The London Eye has Christmas in its sight

With just over a month until Christmas, the London Eye is offering visitors to the capital an alternative festive experience. Rise above the mayhem by taking a trip 443ft in the air to enjoy the Christmas Pub Pod. The rotating bar offers the chance for people to get merry whilst looking out over London’s iconic skyline. Packed full of cosy décor, giant Christmas crackers, and a bar – of course – you can shelter from the chilly weather while enjoying some signature festive drinks. Sink the likes of Gingerbread Espresso Martinis and Cinnamon Passion Fruit Martinis, crafts beer, or crisp wines.


Drinking coffee may help mood

If like us your day begins after your first cup of coffee, you’ll be happy to learn that caffeine lifts your mood.  According to a study, drinking coffee every four hours helps to improve seasonal affective disorder. Researchers at the University of Catania in Italy reviewed previous findings that lifestyle measures such as a good diet and regular exercise can improve mood.  They also found that consuming 75mg of caffeine – the equivalent of one cup of coffee – every four hours, could result in a pattern of sustained mood improvement over the course of the day.  The findings also indicated that regular coffee intake could increase alertness and improve cognitive behaviours. Time for another cuppa!







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