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There’s been ample headlines lately disputing the amount of fruit and vegetables we should consume every day. The BBC recently reported a recommendation of 7 portions a day, however research has shown that the more consumed the better!

The study was carried out by researchers from University College London, using information from the Health Survey for England of which information was gained from 65,226 adults aged 35 years or older.

Results proved that people who ate 7 or more portions a day had a 33% reduced risk of death from any cause, a 25% reduced risk of death from cancer and a 31% reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease, compared with people who ate less than 1 portion per day. (NHS)

The report supports the current ‘5 a day’ rule, but encourages the public to consider 5 as the minimum portion intake to be consumed daily, with 10 portions of fruit or veg being the aim.

The bottom line is, when it comes to fruit and vegetables: ‘the more the merrier’.

In light of the recent recommendation – we’ve selected a few of our clients whose culinary foundation is set on health and organic ingredients to inspire you to create your own nutrition-fueled meals everyday.

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Comptoir Libanaisfor authentic Lebanese casual dining

‘Tony Kitous inspires new ways to prepare readily-available ingredients: spices, fresh herbs and bright citrus flavours drawn from traditional Arabic cooking. The book is strong on vegetarian and vegan dishes, alongside simple grilled or poached meats and fish. Buy yours here.

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