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Sadly our extended summer has come to an end and winter is approaching fast. The colder weather brings with it an increased risk of slips and it is important that you do all you can to minimise this for your employees and your guests.

An accumulation of snow and ice on external paths, steps and walkways can result in accidents causing injury and measures should be taken to minimise the risk by gritting, salting and/or clearing snow. External areas must be made as safe as is reasonably practicable.

If you have a car park, you are not expected to clear the entire area, but you must ensure that primary pavements and pedestrian routes leading from them to your restaurant or hotel reception are cleared and gritted as appropriate.

Health & Safety Tips

Be prepared and starting thinking about putting procedures in place now to minimise risk:

– Clear snow from pathways, steps and walkways
– Use grit or salt on primary paths, steps and pedestrian routes
– Clear handrails of snow
– Use grit or salt in external back-of-house areas and staff entrances
– Ensure gritting and clearing is carried out as required through the day
– Use grit or salt on disabled parking bays and routes leading from them
– Display ‘Slippery Floor’ signs or notices at entrances where required.
– Regularly check the floor conditions at entrances and mop as required

Check the forecast – don’t get caught out!

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