Back in April we blogged about University College London’s report on getting your 7-10 fruit and vegetables a day. Since then, a considerable amount of publicity has developed surrounding the increasing popularity of juice bars.

Juice bars are not a new trend by any means; this time last year they were all the hype in the US and gradually beginning to trickle their way into the UK. Now it seems a substantial influx of the health hubs are popping up all over London, much to the delight of nutrition fanatics. They are also appealing to the general public due to the ease in which consumption of 7-10 portions of fruit and veg in a day can be accomplished.

Will Ricker of La Bodega Negra and XO is due to open The Juice Well later this month in Soho and claims that ‘one bottle’ bought will be ‘equivalent to eight [portions of fruit and vegetable] a day.’ This makes the challenge of consuming more fruit and vegetables in our diet a lot more achievable. UCL’s report also found vegetables to offer a greater health boost than fruit, stating vegetables are more effective in reducing risk of death. Therefore, alongside the popular fruity options, juice bars are creating super-green concoctions which are heavily vegetable based, with ingredients such as spinach, kale, cucumber and parsley.

Clients Juice Tonic, also based in Soho, have been on the scene since November last year and have gained a large following of customers with their range of energy enhancing and detoxing smoothies and juices. Other juice bars to have sprouted in the capital include Lovage at the Ace Hotel, Roots and Bulbs in Marylebone and Ali Baba Juice + Matcha in Peckham. One to look out for is Press which will be located in the new Ham Yard Hotel in Soho. It seems this stylish and accessible way to get a health-fix is becoming ever more popular and we could eventually be seeing as many juice bars as coffee shops….






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