Research at Aberystwyth University has revealed that the “Fist bump” is more hygienic than a classic handshake. Indeed, a handshake is ten times more likely to transfer germs from one hand to another. If you prefer giving a “high five” to someone, you will reduce the amount of germs transferred by 50%.

Dr Dave Whitworth, who has led this research, also explains that by doing a “Fist bump”, the contact between the two hands is shorter and a smaller area of the hand is involved. Microbes need contact to move so, the longer your handshake is the more likely you will be to be infected. Remember also that the stronger you grip hands, the easier it will be for microbes to move.

Fist bump is better than a classic handshake

Today is the first day of Autumn, so winter is slowly but surely coming. Bear this in mind so that you will be able to avoid catching microbes this way. However remember that the best thing to do remains to wash your hands regularly.




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