Last month the prestigious Michelin Guide 2016 announced its newest Michelin Star recipients.

Michelin Star is a coveted mark of distinction awarded by the Michelin travel guides. A restaurant can receive one, two, or three stars, representing very good, exceptional, or exquisite cuisine. There are 132 Michelin Starred restaurants in the UK, and only 4 have achieved a 3 star rating, including the Waterside Inn in Berkshire.

The first ever Michelin Guide to the British Isles was published in 1911. The award of a Michelin star has since become recognised by restaurant goers across the world as a mark of high quality cooking. It is seen as one of the highest and most sought-after accolades a chef can receive.

We would like to congratulate all of this years Michelin Star winners, particularly our partners, which Food Alert has had the privilege of working with. We would like to especially congratulate the restaurants that received their first star this year:

  • Umu Mayfair, London

You can see the full list of 2016 winners here.

Out of the 132 Michelin-Starred restaurants and hotels in the UK, Food Alert proudly advises 28.

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