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Food Alert has received hundreds of calls to its free helpline since the announcement of the UK’s second lockdown, with operators’ attention moving on from COVID-19 compliance to allergen management and nutritional labelling.

It’s been another tumultuous week for hospitality, but here’s some news that made us smile:

KFC’s Colonel Sanders shaves for Movember

KFC gets 10:10 for creativity and execution by shaving Colonel Sanders’ beard for the first time in the company’s history on 1 November.  His facial hair will gradually grow throughout the month to join in with other men participating in Movember – raising awareness for health issues like prostate and testicular cancer

Here’s a round-up of the what’s caught our eye in the news this week. 


Government offer further financial lifeline to hospitality

This week saw the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, announce the doubling of the government’s wage subsidies in all sectors for workers forced to go part time under the new Job Support Scheme, which is set to replace furlough next week.

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KFC to hire 5,400 new workers

Here’s a round-up of the what’s caught our eye in the news this week. 

Dr Hilary gives helpful advice on face coverings

Wearing face coverings are now part of our daily routine, but only 14% of people are washing them after use.  The issue was raised on Good Morning Britain with its resident doctor, Dr Hilary, advising that disposable face masks must only be worn for three hours before wearing the next one – but wash hands before putting it on.  Reusable face coverings need to be washed after each use in an ordinary wash at 60 degrees with washing powder.

Here’s a round-up of the what’s caught our eye in the news this week. 


NHS Covid contact-tracing app has only sent one alert about virus outbreak in a hospitality venue

The NHS COVID-19 track and trace app for England and Wales, which is now law for hospitality venues to use, has only sent one alert about an outbreak since its launch two weeks ago, a Sky News exclusive has revealed.

If you’d asked us at the start of 2020 that we’d be awarding COVID-19 Standard Certificates to hospitality venues across the UK, we’d never have believed you.

In just three months we’ve awarded over 600 certificates and conducted close to 1,000 inspections.  Helping our clients be compliant at all times – even during a pandemic – sits at the heart of what we do at Food Alert.

A weekly round-up of the headlines that have caught our eye this week


High Court rules in favour of venues in landmark insurance case

Live music venues, clubs, pubs and bars across the UK were thrown a lifeline this week when Hiscox and QBE, two of the UK’s largest insurance companies, were ordered by the High Court to pay out their disputed business interruption policies to NDML and NTIA members.

A weekly round-up of the headlines that have caught our eye this week


Eat Out To Help Out - operators pledge to continue the scheme during September

As the Eat Out To Help Out scheme drew to an end this week, a number of operators have pledged to keep the discount running through this month.

Urban Leisure Group, which operates nine stylish bars in the London area, has embraced the digital transformation of its safety compliance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Faced with having to shut down its premises overnight and then prepare them for reopening with relatively short notice, operations manager Hannah Vernon was grateful to have access to Food Alert’s cloud-based compliance software, ALERT65. 

By Food Alert’s managing director, David Bashford

There are many things we have learned from living through a pandemic and one is the power of technology.

Virtual communication has become the norm and, for most of us, our ‘screen time’ has increased enormously since March. It has also enabled things that were once deemed impossible to be possible – from GPs running virtual patient appointments to teachers hosting online classes.  And in the world of hospitality compliance, we have also seen a switch to the power of virtual.


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