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EHO Inspection Support

Local Authority Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) have the right to enter and inspect your premises at any reasonable time.

With our EHO Inspection Support Service we help you prepare for your EHO inspection and provide assistance with any action points following their visit and formal responses that need to be made.

Our safety compliance software, ALERT65, is linked to the Food Standards Agency's Food Hygiene Ratings database, alerting you to current ratings and estimated re-inspection dates. It also allows sites to log EHO inspections and manage their action plans afterwards.

Why choose our service:

  • Support and guidance
  • Improved food hygiene rating
  • Tailored systems and procedures
  • Personalised manuals
  • Bespoke risk assessment

"Food Alert are one of Wagamama’s most important partners. They offer first class, reliable and up to date advice alongside the audit function that they perform within our restaurants and I would not be without them." Wagamama

For further information on on how we can support you or to discuss your individual requirements:

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