Whether it’s lack of time, lack of resource or you’re just not in a position to have an in-house health and safety expert, it can be tough finding space for all your health and safety tasks on your to-do list.

Anyone who runs a hospitality business knows, you have to be on top of your health and safety and food hygiene at all times – it’s a legal obligation that’s never going away.

So, how can you get that confidence that everything is up to standard and working as it should be? That’s where our specialist audits come in.

Our specialist team can perform Food Hygiene and Health & Safety audits in your business, so you get that top-down view of how your compliance is performing. From what’s already going great to areas that need some improvement, you’ll get a full report with easy-to-action suggestions on how to fix any issues.

Food Hygiene audits

Food hygiene is an essential compliance that helps support your reputation and keep your business open. Our Food Hygiene audit team is made up of qualified and experienced Environmental Health Practitioners, so they’ve seen it all, many times. 

That means they have the skill to quickly spot areas of non-compliance and recommend the right course of action to keep your business safe.

Health and Safety audits

Every business has specific health and safety obligations. But running a hospitality business brings with it unique health and safety risks that could pose a hazard to your staff and your customers. 

Luckily, our audit team is made up of Environmental Health Practitioners who all have many years of hospitality-specific experience, so they know exactly how to get your premises up to the very best standards.

How it works

  • You and your managers will receive a guide from our audit team, explaining the process.
  • Our expert auditors will visit you to perform a thorough, on-site audit of your food hygiene, safety and compliance in line with legislation and codes of practice.
  • They’ll also work with you one-on-one to help you develop your safety management system using our Alert65 compliance software.
  • Once your audit is complete, your auditor will give you a total score, which is then broken down into separately scored sections and categories in your individual report. 
  • Any areas of non-compliance will be highlighted and rated using a colour-coded system, so you can see areas that need urgent attention quickly and easily.
  • We’ll report all audit findings digitally via Alert65 so you can manage your action points and scoring and follow your progress all in one, online platform!

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