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Microbiological Analysis

Food safety is a crucial element of any food service business, it can be difficult to manage when there are so many guidelines and specifications to comply with.

Our Microbiological Analysis Service uses​ UKAS accredited laboratories to test client food samples, helping to verify that their HACCPs and due diligence are in place. The analysis is ideal for checking raw ingredients and high-risk foods such as ceviche, steak tartare or undercooked burgers, checking a product’s shelf life or providing information for an alleged food poisoning case.

We offer a variety of tests to detect pathogens, spoilage organisms and allergens.  

Why choose this service:

  • ​Helps to verify your HACCP and due diligence
  • Provides valuable information for alleged food poisoning cases
  • Can be used to check product shelf life
  • Enables you to check high-risk foods - ceviche, steak tartare or undercooked burgers

Taking samples:

  • Collect the food sample in a vessel we provide
  • Send it to us
  • We manage the analysis
  • You receive a full report with advisory notes

If you have any questions on our Microbiological Analysis Service or would like to book testing:

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