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Nutritional Analysis

All pre-packed foods must carry the correct nutritional information on the labelling. Our Nutritional Analysis Service will take away the headache of gathering this information.

We are able to calculate the nutritional value of the ingredients in all your packaged foods. Whilst under the current legislation only pre-packed foods must contain a detailed breakdown of nutritional information, our Nutritional Analysis Service can also provide you with a list of nutritional content for dishes on your menu and website.

Why choose this service:

  • Comply with pre-packed food legislation
  • Takes away the hassle of collating nutritional information
  • Having nutritional information on your menu and website make your business look more professional
  • Health conscious consumers are demanding nutritional on food and drink menus - helps gain a competitive edge

How does the service work:

  • Send us a recipe with ingredient information
  • We perform analysis 
  • You receive a full breakdown of the nutritional content
  • Add the information to your labelling, menus or website

"I have been using Food Alert's nutritional information and water quality testing services and found them to be exceptional. Staff are always on hand to offer good advice and are very personable and friendly when I have any questions, consistently going above and beyond what I'd expect. The quality of the work provided is always extremely high." Wonderbunz

This service is just £35 per product and the information will be processed for you within days. To book the service simply:  

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