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Safety Management Strategy

Does your business have a Safety Management Strategy in place?

Safety management is more than just having the right paperwork in place. It is how your organisation’s safety culture is put into practice - planning, implementing and monitoring compliance.

Our approach to policy documentation involves assessing your safety culture, compliance and integration of the operating procedures of the business. 

Larger organisations must demonstrate effective Corporate Governance through integrating health & safety into all their activities. Your directors and senior managers must demonstrate their commitment to the safety of your organisation. Our service helps guide you through this process.

What does this service provide:

  • Corporate health & safety and food safety strategy and policy
  • Development of health & safety manuals
  • Implementation and monitoring of environmental management
  • Corporate management report
  • Health & safety committee, review and measuring performance policy
  • Risk assessment, audit and training policies
  • HACCP systems and producers, COSHH and PPE Policies
  • Work at height and asbestos policies
  • Accident, near miss and first aid policies
  • Inspection, examination, permit to work and managing contractors policies

Want to know more about how we can help you reduce risk and create a safer environment:

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